It angers to watch, too emotional, out of ethical measures sometimes, but that is why many love to spend all precious time before a tiny screen watching Hot current hosted by Brian Banda on Times Television. Now that Banda is suspended, the programme no longer holds charisma, it better be called ‘warm current’ a bored fan suggests.

The official source indicated that Banda suspended earlier this week  over incompetence  while Times Group Editor-in-Chief George Kasakula was just given warning letter regarding the same.

But Facebook personality Julius Mithi changed everything when he believed deliberately leaked conversation between him and Editor at Times Innocent Chitosi over the incident.

The conversation revealed that Banda suspended over corruption allegation, as he suggested to pocket  cash from Muhammad Sidik Mia which forced him not to host programme as ordered by management.

Mithi also managed to leak another conversation with Banda, in which Hot current host disclosed he suspended for not hitting hard on Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as directed.

The leaked conversation also granted  Chitosi suspension.

This development gives programme audiences a clue to believe that Malawi congress Party (MCP) is funding Times to  tarnish only the image of DPP.

“George Kasakula why not declare your interest in politics? You are on Chakwela payroll,” a comment reads on yesterday’s Hot Current uploaded you-tube.

The fans admitted that they did not enjoy yesterday programme hosted by Wezi Kasambara, according to them Hot current means Brian Banda.

“Plz!!!!!!!!! Where is Brain Banda?” one commented of Times Facebook page

“Bring him back, bring back our brian, Brian is the best'” negative comments followed.
“This programme without Brian Banda is NOT the same!! Brian is cool,” another added a comment.





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