Minister of Information and Communication Technology Nicholas Dausi has denied claims by Moses Kunkuyu of Transformation Alliance, accusing the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of intimidating the opposition by broking them from holding functions in public places.

Kunkuyu told the press this morning that College of Medicine has cancelled his party’s convention scheduled for Friday at the college’s sports complex.

According to Kunkuyu, the College has cited noise as the main factor for the cancellation of the venue.

But Kunkuyu described the whole scenario as political considering the fact that the Malawi Congress party (MCP) also faced similar challenges in Balaka on Saturday.

Reacting to this, Dausi distanced the ruling DPP from the cancellation, saying opposition should clear spell out the nature of events when making bookings.

Dausi also accused the opposition of seeking sympathy from the general public.

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