A pastor who has reportedly slept with as many as 21 church members, has repented and made a shocking confession about his wrongdoing.

A report by Daily Sun SA shows that a South African pastor from Mangaung claims God is punishing him for his sins.

The 48-year-old man from Phase 2 kasi says he has slept with 21 women in his church and now his manhood won’t get up. He believes God wants him to change his ways and stop poking his congregation.

The pastor is appealing to anyone who can help him get the s*x demon out of him. He can’t reveal his name as he does not want the husbands of the married women he slept with to find out.

“My wife died three years ago. I would invite choir members to my house and sleep with them. My problem became worse when I started poking married women in my church in exchange for prayers. Now I’m in a relationship with a woman I want to marry but my manhood won’t get up. I’m afraid she might leave me for another man if I cannot satisfy her in bed,” the pastor said.

“I have been to doctors for my problem and was told I have a low sex drive. I’ve been taking pills but the problem hasn’t gone away.

“I need help from someone who can save me from my 4-5 horror. I don’t believe in sangomas as I am a man of God.”

The archbishop of the Holy Second Apostolic Church in Zion, Tefo Modise, said: “Any sin can be forgiven. The pastor needs prayer and cleansing for what he has done.”

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