Malawi has so far been registering an increase in the cases of gender based violence in which most of the people victimized happens to be women.

Just recently, a man identified as Arthur Mdala stabbed his ex-girlfriend Mirrium Siula to death and fled.

awaits court hearing; Mdala

Luckily, police put in efforts and managed to apprehend the suspect whose case failed to be heard in court yesterday due to the judiciary support strike.

murdered ex-girlfriend to Mdala

However, unconfirmed reports say that the suspect has since claimed to be having his own reasons as to why he committed such a serious crime.

Malawians are still waiting for justice on this case.

One woman with a baby had also recently claimed that she fled from her husband`s house following violent beatings her husband was rendering on her body.

She claimed to have been from Thyolo district and that she needed help from well-wishers to provide her with transport money from Lilongwe where she was staying with her abusive husband to Thyolo.

It was established that her husband was once taken to police custody where he only spent 4 days and released after husband relatives went to Chinsapo police and withdrew the case and case file was closed.

We also haven’t forgot the case of Misozi Chanthunya who in September 2010 allegedly buried his then pregnant girlfriend, Linda Gasa in a make-shift crypt at his private cottage in Monkey-bay, Mangochi.

Misozi Chanthunya

After carrying out the act, the suspect fled to South Africa where Interpol apprehended him but he has not yet been sent back to face the charges at home.

murdered pregnant girlfriend to chanthunya

Chanthunya has been filing papers to South African courts blocking his extradition.

South African law prohibits the extradition of murder suspects to countries that allow capital punishment, unless their governments give an undertaking that it will not be applied.

A minor research has revealed that one of the factors contributing to such cases are because  most black relationships financially depends on one side who in most cases is the man.

When that is so, everything that financially needs to be sorted out is rendered to men in the way that it gives men rights to claim that they own their partners forgetting that a person cannot be bought.

Anger comes when the woman is caught cheating or happen to do something that did not please the man and in return he act violent while recalling all what he spent on that woman.

There is a need for awareness to both parties to help end whatever is haunting most relationships.


























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