The South Africa’s vocal politician, a leader of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema reportedly banned by Malawi Government to enter into the country, the decree was made based on false allegation has been revealed.

Just yesterday the social media was awash with the reports that Malema together with Zambia’s opposition United Progressive Party leader Saviour Chishimba have been blocked by Ruling Government, Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) from attending the conference in Blantyre of  Transformation Alliance. The newly introduced political party of Moses Kunkunyu.

The development happened after Kunkuyu told the press that he has invited Chishimba and Malema to attend the function which was previously scheduled to take place at College of Medicine Sports Complex before being hindered by DPP.

However, EFF has urged the government of Malawi to reverse an order banning party leader Malema as decision is made based on wrong information.

“We would like to put it categorically that there was never a plan by the CIC Julius Malema to visit Malawi on the invitation of anyone‚ let alone Mr Chishimba. There has never been any communication between Chishimba and the EFF or its President about any such visit or the political conditions in Malawi.

“We‚ therefore‚ call on the government of Malawi to reverse this decision as it is based on wrong information to start with. It cannot be that the leader of the EFF can be banned based on false rumours‚ even if these are by those who are hostile to the government of the day in Malawi. “Africa is the home of the EFF‚ and so is Malawi. CIC Julius Malema must never be treated as a threat to his own continent‚ in particular to the people and the government of Malawi,” the party said in a statement released on Thursday night.

EFF added that Malema never spoke ill about Malawi to deserve being refused entry into the country.

Meanwhile, Malawi Government through Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi has allegedly denied that government  declared Malema and a Chishimba as prohibited immigrants.



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