Iran has banned ugly teachers from classrooms including women with facial hair and men with acne, scars and fewer than 20 teeth, as they will not be allowed in the classroom.
Iran’s education department has banned ugly teachers from the classroom, including women with facial hair or those suffering from acne, Dailymail reports.

A list of proscribed ailments, including having a scar or a fungal infection was released by the FARS news agency. Also, anyone who is cross-eyed, has ugly facial moles or skin conditions such as acne or eczema faces redundancy.

It was learnt that women who have facial hair will also be sacked, along with teachers with fewer than 20 teeth or those suffering a fungal infection. Women are allowed to teach in Iran although they must wear a scarf covering their hair.

Art teachers will be sacked if they report they are colourblind and infertile female teachers will also be banned from the classroom.

As the news went viral online, Twitter users citicised the rules, claiming if implemented in full, the people such as Stephen Hawking would be prevented from teaching students in Iran.

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