The African Traditionalist Republic
of the
United States of Thyolo and Mulanje

31st August 2017

Your Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, President Of The Republic
Of Malawi

I, Saint Mussauwa Vincent Wandale, as the Supreme Leader of the African
Traditionalist Republic of the United States of Thyolo and Mulanje (MUST),
am writing to alert your Excellency on a number of issues regarding the
declaration of the political independence of Thyolo and Mulanje of 31st
March 2016. I know you are a world class law Professor who understands
legal issues better than most people in Malawi. I believe the following
points will make your Excellency reason with clarity.

1. Recalling the many problems being faced by the people of Thyolo and
Mulanje as a result of losing access and control over their ancestral land
for over a century as a result of European colonialism as described in the
Malawi presidential commission of enquiry on land policy reform of 1999 report
which nobody has challenged to date.

2. Realizing that the people of Thyolo and Mulanje publicly declared
their political independence from Malawi peacefully on 31st March 2016
following the law as a result of the colonial land conflict since they
cannot be forced to belong to a republic that does not represent their political
interests; a decision which has not been challenged by your government
in court or through a referendum as provided for by law.

3. Considering that the laws of Malawi provides for the right to
self-determination under the Treaties and Conventions Publications Act
Chapter 16:02 of the laws of Malawi under the section on the International
Covenant On Civil And Political Rights (herein after referred to as ICCPR)
meaning that the MUST declaration was not in violation of domestic and
international law.

4. Observing that the ICCPR in article 15 part (1) provides that no one
shall be held guilty of any criminal offence on account of any act or
omission which did not constitution.

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