Police in Mwanza are keeping in custody a 19-year-old woman for giving false information to a public officer.

Reports say the woman, Alice Masala had in the month of March went to Mwanza DHO and lied to the medical officers that she was expectant and she was near to deliver.

Alice Masala

She was told to stay in one of the wards as she is waiting to deliver but nurses had suspected something as she was running away every time nurses had prompted to check her up.

On September 2, Alice was cornered in the ward and taken to examination room where it was revealed that she was not pregnant but tied several pieces of clothes on her belly which made her look like a pregnant woman.

Later the suspect was arrested by police officer after the news was reported to them.

Her reason for faking the pregnancy is still not known.

Alice is expected to appear before the court over the charges of giving information to a public officer.




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