Heart broken father tells a story how he lost her daughter after a car accident that was caused by his ex-wife who was driving while drunk.

The emotional video is taken at the grave yard where his daughter and his ex-wife were buried.

The video has since got millions of views ever since it was uploaded on line.

Here is what the father had to say while at his daughter`s grave.

“I’m kind of speechless right now. But if I can help anybody, I want you to listen to me,” Rick Ellis said into his camera.

At the graveside of his young daughter, Ellis wanted to tell her story in hopes of preventing it from happening again.

“My little girl was killed from a mother that wanted to get high, drink, drive, party, have fun,” he said.

His daughter was only 6 years old when his ex-wife was driving in a car while drunk and caused an accident that killed her and their daughter.

“It didn’t work out too well,” Ellis said of the actions of Christy, the girl’s mother. “I’m going to show you something.”

He turns the camera onto the gravestone where the mother and child were buried.

“This is my precious little girl that was killed in a drunk driving accident. Her mother had been partying all night for two days, staying up all night and drinking whisky, having fun.”

Little Lindsey died instantly, as did her mother Christy. They were both crushed inside the car.

“Her mother tried to drive home,” Ellis said, starting to cry. Christy’s boyfriend had beat her, and the mother was intoxicated and needed to get away. Unfortunately, she didn’t think of the consequences before getting into the car with her little girl and trying to drive across state lines.

“If you’re struggling with addiction, if you’re struggling with alcohol, I hope this can help you,” Ellis said. “Don’t let your loved ones look down on you six feet underground because you couldn’t handle life.”

“Pull your bootlegs up! Take ahold of life. Make something of it. Make mom and dad proud—even if they’re not here no more. Make them proud. Fight for something, stand for something,” Ellis said.

“It’s an unbelievable feeling knowing people are getting and receiving help after watching this video,” he wrote.

watch the video below


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