Sarah Lockner, a 25-year-old McDonald’s worker gave birth in the restaurant bathroom and tried to flush the baby down the toilet.

Reports say the young woman allegedly locked herself in a restaurant toilet after complaining of stomach pain before colleagues found blood coming from under the door.

Sarah Lockner accused of attempted murder

She had been allowed to clock off early from her evening shift at the fast food branch in Redwood City, California on 4 September.

But witnesses claim she did not leave the restaurant and instead went to the bathroom at around 10pm.

Two concerned co-workers later checked on her and found blood on the floor.

A female employee looked over the toilet and saw Lockner holding a newborn baby in the toilet.

She then claims to have heard the toilet flush when she ran to get help.
Lockwood allegedly asked her not to call the police.
Officers arrived to find a newborn baby without a pulse and not breathing.
It was rushed to Lucil Packard Children’s Hospital and placed in an induced coma.
The tot has since been taken off life support is expected to make a miracle recovery.
Lockner allegedly told officers that she did not realise she was pregnant and was “surprised” when she gave birth
She stands accused of  attempted murder, bodily harm and assaulting a child, and will be appearing in court on 18 September.



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