There was a time when messages were a leading cause of breakups between couples.

These days, people would rather delete them after reading than risk getting into trouble for them.

It must be noted that not every empty inbox or chat is genuinely done to for the sake of maintaining peace in a relationship.

While it is like that sometimes, others times, people just want to cover up something bad.

If your partner deletes their chats and messages, it could be for any of the following reasons.


Knowing how jealous some of us can get over the most trivial things, our partners sometimes go the length of emptying their chats and inbox so we have nothing to worry about when we get a hold of their phones.

It’s not because they have anything to hide, they just don’t want us getting worked up over nothing.

Oftentimes, people who do this would have had one or two jealousy-motivated run-ins with their partner.


It’s not everything in your partner’s phone that is meant for both your eyes.

There are those that only he or she is meant to see. It could be about work, or maybe family and friends related.

Don’t take it to heart. This may seem ‘wrong’ since most of us feel we should know everything our partner is up to, but it’s not always right.

They’re entitled to having certain things known to them only, I believe.


It’s still a big topic of discussion whether or not flirting passes as cheating too, although it must be said that there’s a big difference between them.

One can flirt without touching or getting close to their subject.

You can even flirt without knowing, but it’s not the same with cheating. If you’re cheating, it’s because you really want to do it. So yeah, people delete flirtatious chats and messages too so they don’t get in trouble.


Had to put this last because it’s the commonest reason people actually delete their chats and messages.

If they’re up to something shady, and they don’t want you to know, there’s no easier way to ensure that is the case than delete the message.



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