Malawi`s social media went in pandemonium yesterday as Malawi`s flag was set upside down at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York where President Prof. Arthur Peter Muntharika together with the first lady were present.

The upside down Malawi`s flag got many people`s attention including that of Balaka North member of parliament, Lucius Banda.


According to Banda`s caption which he shared together with the photo online, the development did not surprise him as the upside down flag reflected how most things happen in Malawi.

“Most of things in Malawi happen mozondoka….so don’t get angry  …kkkk,” wrote Banda.

Malawi`s flag set upside down at UNGA

However, the post captured people`s attention as some people concurred with Banda while some blamed him for being on the negative side.

One of the commentators John Nguluwe wrote, Rising a National flag upside-down is a symbol of frustration…. We are frustrated by kumwa manyiii from Waterboard…. Cashgate… Kupha albino… Piracy…. Ulova…. Umbanda…. Etc… Too bad.

Christopher Kamunda wrote, This is not strange that they do things upside down if you remember during the independence day the party flag was up and the national flag was a bit down, meaning that they new already that people will die at the stadium as a symbol that something is gonna happen in the country.

Others went on to blame the parliamentarian saying he shouldn`t have been o the negative side in the incident.

Jaf Che Mbewe wrote, That’s pure Malawian as you have acted, instead of kukhuzika you busy laughing. Mind you its our flag not a party flag.

While Kennedy Alufandika suspected the whole picture to have been photoshoped. He wrote,  The interesting thing is that the wind on all flags is folding the upper part only the Malawian flag is folded on the lower part. And I like how the ring that holds the flag is positioned. It looks like it is the only one that is positioned differently.

Apart from attending the UN General Assembly, the president was also scheduled to attend a number of high level meetings and side events during the assembly.


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