A frustrated man has killed his wife before taking his own life after finding out that his wife has been cheating on him.
A man has reportedly killed his wife before hanging himself in Tayari village on the outskirts of Molo town of Kenya. His body was found dangling from the roof of his house as that of his wife lay in a pool of blood leaving family and friends in serious tears.

According to SDE, the couple identified as Jacinta Nyambura and Daniel Mwangi, were involved in a domestic quarrel at around 7pm before the woman was heard screaming for help. Paul Itume, a neighbour, said efforts to rescue Ms Nyambura were futile as the house had been locked from inside.

Nyambura was a teacher at a local private school while Mwangi was a Okada rider.

“We responded immediately the woman screamed but could not get into the house as it had a very strong door locked from inside. The man realised the mess he had got into and committed suicide,” said Mr Itume.

Residents brought down part of the wall and the door to get into the house and found the man hanging from the roof with a rope around the neck. The woman had been stabbed in the neck, chest, and stomach several times. A sachet was found on the floor, suggesting that the man might have taken poison.

Shocked residents said the couple, in their early 20s, lived in peace and had never engaged in a fight.

“We had no reason to suspect the two would get to the extent of a brutal murder and suicide.
“I had never heard them arguing before and they appeared to be happy with each other since they moved in together,” said Silas Owiti, a neighbour.

“We were able to identify the deceased and took their bodies to the Molo sub-county mortuary pending investigations,” said area chief Hassan Waweru.

In a note found in the house, Mwangi accused his wife of having an affair with another man, saying he could no longer live with it. The chief urged residents, especially young couples, to seek counselling and expressed concern at the increasing cases of suicide and murder involving domestic disputes.

Elsewhere, a gang of armed youth has left a wave of destruction and injuries in Mombasa’s Kisauni area. Among those hurt is a two-year-old boy whose mother lost her mobile phone to save her son. Residents of Manoni village in Mtopanga estate have appealed to police to beef up security.

“We are living at the mercy of these youths who seem to enjoy some form of protection from political leaders.

“They are always bailed out by these leaders whenever police arrest them,” said Sam Ochieno, a resident.

On Monday evening, the youths are reported to have gone on a revenge mission after attending the burial of one of their colleagues at a local Muslim cemetery.

“We heard rumours of an impending revenge attack. Information was passed to the relevant authorities but they failed us when they did not act on available intelligence,” said Ochieno.

Eyewitnesses said the youths were avenging the deaths of two of their colleagues who were lynched by a mob after being implicated in a robbery. Mr Simion Mwaweje, a 30-year-old carpenter, was cut on the head, right arm, and shoulder and left for dead on Monday evening.

“I had just left my workshop and was headed home when I was waylaid by the gang,” said Mwawaje.

David Thirinje, a shopkeeper, said the metal grille enforcement on his shop saved his business. Mombasa police boss Petterson Maelo said officers were hunting suspects.

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