A Brit holidaymaker faces six months in jail for giving a driver the middle finger during a road rage row in Dubai.

Jamil Mukadam, 23, said the gesture is considered a ‘public obscenity’ in the United Arab Emirate and treated as a serious offence.

He was on holiday in February when the incident happened.

Jamil claims a driver came “up close behind me” and flashed his lights as he travelled to the airport.

As he pulled over to let the car past, those in the car were “screaming” at him so he stuck up a middle finger in response, he claims.

IT worker Jamil said he “thought nothing” of what had happened and flew home.

But Jamil, from Leicester, says when he returned to Dubai this month he was detained after his passport set off an alert.

He told The Sun:

“There was a loud beeping sound and, within seconds, I was surrounded by police.

“I was two days in a cell with 172 others including a murderer and rapist. I had no bed, blanket or food.

“Now I can’t leave my hotel because I don’t have my passport and I’ll run out of money by the end of the week.”

It could now be several months before Jamil gets a court date and faces either six months in jail or a hefty fine.



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