Two men were severely beaten in Karonga before the police came to arrest them on offence of being found with fake K2000 notes.

The two suspects have been identified as Patrick Mhango, 27 and John Mwangwelo aged 29.

According to Karonga police deputy spokesperson, George Mulewa the two were apprehended while having a drinking session at one drinking joint in the district.

“In the process of drinking, the bar man suspected the money which the two were paying to be fake. He called one of the people in the bar to be a witness as Mhango and his friend Mwangwelo were to be searched,” Mulewa said.

After searching them, they were found with fake K2000 notes in total sum of K58,000.

They are currently in police custody waiting to answer charges of being found with fake currency contrary to section 382 of the penal code.

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