An elderly woman is heartbroken after a husband she was married to left her for a young girl  claiming that she was too old to perform in bed.

Zandile Stephen, A 63-year-old South African woman is not at peace after her 65-year-old husband, Stephen Lepheyane dumped her for a 26-year-old hot girl whom he claims satisfies him when its bed time.

Zandile Stephen

“What hurts me the most is that this girl grew up in front of me. She now thinks she’s woman enough to take my man,” she said.

Zandile claimed she gave her man everything, including her pension money.

“I’ve told my man many times to stop after I saw him coming out of the young lady’s shack, but he refuses to dump her.

According to Daily Sun, Stephen didn’t deny cheating on Zandile, but claimed she cheated on him as well.

“I don’t know why Zandile complains. She is old and lazy in bed,” said the man.

“The reason I’m with her is because she supports me financially so I can take care of the young woman.”

Meanwhile, Zandile`s husband has since refused to leave the young girl but still relies on Zandile whenever he needs a financial help since he is unemployed.

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