A couple with a big age difference attracted a pandemonium at Thyolo District Council Offices as they went to register for their marriage at the District Registrar’s Office.

As the news was spread around Thyolo Boma, people including businessmen dropped their various businesses to witness the incident at the Registrar’s Office.

the couple

What surprised people was that the couple looked unashamed and unmoved with the crowd that was cheering them after the registration process was done.

Clemence Chinangwa, one of the witnesses said he knows the man and that he had previously been married to several women.

“The man has married several women in his life. I think he has now resorted to marry the young one as his last wife. I know him, he`s very proud of the wife. They are always seen together around Goliati Trading Centre,” said Clemence.

However, Malawian laws have an age limit that restricts minors to get married until they reach a recommended age.

Speaking on that matter, Thyolo District Registrar, Blessings Gondwe said: “Our office only intervenes when the bride is a minor as below as 21-years-old but in this case, the woman is 25-years-old so there`s nothing we can do apart from registering them as husband and wife.”

The couple was blessed as people danced around them while others showered them with money as is the tradition with African wedding ceremonies.

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