The government is accusing the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Non-Governmental Organisations, of responsibility in the spread of rumours on the presence of alleged blood suckers in the country.

Minister of Information Nicholas Dausi has made the accusations today in Lilongwe, during a press briefing held by several cabinet ministers, on the issue.

The rumours have led to the death of six people, who were suspected to be involved in the purported human blood sucking.

In his speech, Dausi questioned MCP silence on the matter.

“Am sure this has elements of politics. Some people not happy with government perpetuating these lies. You will be caught
“MCP wrote donor community on political issues about their candidate in Nsanje but there’s silence on blood sucking now,” said Dausi.

On his part, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism Henry Mussa described the blood sucking rumours as myths.

“No tangible evidence that anybody has had their blood sucked. It’s all a myth. Innocent souls are being victimised.

“Cabinet Ministers will move to all those areas to tell people that this is just a myth and must stop,” said Mussa.

Effort to talk to MCP spokesperson proved futile.

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