Just recently social media went  awash with a preaching metal disabled person in the streets of Commercial City, Blantyre in which he accused  current leadership of human bloodsuckers, and others who kill some innocent souls to accumulate the wealth.

Preaching madperson

According to the video clip shared on whats-app groups, Mad person captured preaching against people who  are fond of  bewitching others to go mad for them to gain wealth.

He also accused government of sucking the blood from people  but once they complain, are depicted being crazy.

He then asked his gathered audience  to him offering

Even though it did not show when this happened but many suggest that is just recent as some districts in the country are staying  in fear of human bloodsuckers who are rumoured to roam around.

On October 9, 2017, certain person complained to meet mad person in Blantyre  where there Nandos who spit on him while  he was preaching against rich people for their selfness.

But the FaceofMalawi fail to establish  whether this was the same mad person of that trending in social media.

Watch the clip below:

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