Getting a job in the government is the race of fittest, apart from corruption, strict measures are given, tough physical exercise of that requires it, to the extent of torturing some candidates  to death just as  physical interviews for Immigration Assistants which has so far taken two lives.

On Tuesday, October 10,2017,  a male candidate  collapsed during physical interviews for Immigration Assistants and was pronounced dead upon reaching Chiradzulu District Hospital.

On Wednesday, another candidate died while attending the same interview  identified as Spencer Nyirenda, University of Malawi Graduate of Education Language.

Spencer Nyirenda

The physical training taking place at Prison Training School at Mapanga, involves running around the ground five time.

Ten candidate who beat the others among a group of 20 proceed to be interviewed orally.

However, other source indicate that the development happens after gunpowder which  are put on ground intentionally to hinder others from exceeding.

” It was touch physical interview, almost everyone catches flu and cough after finishing a run, perhaps it was¬† because of that gunpowder,” one candidate complained after an interview.

Meanwhile, no official health statement has so far released as regards to the cause of death.




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