A 36 -year-old man has been convicted of indecent assault after he removed a girl’s underwear and fondled her breasts.

Jeri Makumbe, a Zimbabwean aged 36 pleaded guilty to the charge and was ordered to perform a community service since he was a first offender.

The court heard that on September 5, Makumbe entered into the girl’s bedroom hut with a torch and removed her underwear before fondling her breasts.

The minor who was in a slumber took long to respond and finally woke up after her panties were removed.

She positively identified the complaint who was accompanied by her uncle to file a police report.

In passing judgement magistrate Mr Artwel Sanyatwe said first offenders should be treated with lenience.

“The courts should be lenient with first offenders moreover, the complaint did not waste the court’s time hence he should be spared a custodial sentence.”

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