By Robert Kumwenda

The Chekucheku family have expressed their disappointment with the conduct of Stranger Moffat George who is giving land from other people’s estate’s as if he is the chief.

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Victotia Manda who is one of the concerned people from the Chekucheku family said Stranger Moffat Joliji stays in Donda village and his mother is Magret Donda. His father was Moffat George.

She said his mother married to Joram Pankhuku they fled to Zambia with her husband Moffat George where they divorced.

“The mother came back to Malawi and married to Lakanaya Chikoti. The Chekucheku family is therefore worried with where he is getting powers to do this.

“He started a Community Based Organization (CBO) called Dalitso Community Based Organization where he get 9 million from Action Aid to teach the youth in vocational skills, he also received 4 million kwacha from Clinton and Hunters to plant trees and it is reported that he embezzled the money,” she said.

Concurring with Manda another concerned person from the Chekucheku family Kelita Kaminula said the Chekucheku family is worried because Stranger Moffat George is conniving with people from Neno District Assembly and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) yet he is not from the royal family.

She said it is alleged that Stranger Moffat George is doing all this with support from Alfred Chipendo and Alick Milanzi to tarnish the image of the deposed chief (Francis Magombo).

“He was also giving fake letters to Lawrence Dick Makonokaya who is the Director of Chiefs. They are pretending as if that they are giving land to people in other people’s estates yet they are selling and sharing money.

“The Chekucheku family wanted the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to intervene on the matter because they confuse people as if they are fighting for chieftaincy yet in Ngoni culture chieftaincy always remains in the hands of the elder family,” she said.

She said owners of the estates are complaining to the Chekucheku family while Stranger Moffat George and his son Patrick Sranger Moffat are busy cutting trees in the said estates.

Kaminula further said that worse still, owners of estates they never get any help when they go to the police.

She said the Chekucheku family has since advised the owners of the estates to go to court for justice to prevail.

Attempts to contact the accused people proved futile as they could not be reached on their mobile cell phones.

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