As the blood sucking mayhem still continues, villagers in Zomba mainly the ones who stay around Nasawa Technical College have smashed windows of an ambulance belonging to District Health Office suspecting it to have carried the blood suckers.

The incident happened on Thursday, October 12 as the ambulance and other clinical offices had visited the area for other health duties.

While there, one of the clinical officers got out of the vehicle with a stethoscope on his neck to buy roasted maize.

Some onlookers linked the stethoscope as equipment used by blood suckers to suck blood and they mobilized themselves to question the medical crew.

The officers tried to explain to the mob but they resisted listening what they were being told.

To avoid chaos, the clinical officers got into their ambulance and drove off leaving the angry mob pelting stones at them which landed on the vehicle`s windows.

Following increased cases of this kind, the district commissioner has announced that all ambulance services have temporarily been suspended in some areas believing in the blood sucking rumor.



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