As one way of showing that you are devoted Moslems you must perform HAJJ (pilgrimage to mecca) once in your life.

HAJJ organizer Sheikh Chienda said the most importance thing of HAJJ is that once you have performed it ALLAH forgive your sins but only when God has accepted it.

“Moslems go mecca to seek ALLAH forgiveness apart from being the firth pillar of Islam,” he said

Chienda who is also Information Bureau Coordinator said other Islam’s pillars include testifying that there is only one God and Muhammad is his messenger.

“Another Islam pillars are performing prayers five times a day. Paying Zaakat and fasting in the month of Ramadhan,” he said.

Sheikh Chienda also said people go to HAJJ worldwide through their agents because are the ones who organizes the visa and travelling arrangements.

“In Malawi Lloyds Travel Centre for HAJJ and umrah which started in 2014 are the ones which organizes HAJJ.

He quashed the misconception that HAJJ is for the old people not the young but he said the most important thing that the young should go to HAJJ because all activities to conclude need physical fitness.

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