Every time a person in a relationship cheats on their partner, it always leaves them wondering what could have gone wrong, or what they didn’t do right. Well we’ll answer this question shortly, and we’ll take it from two sides, their side, and reality.

This is a recurring excuse for people who cheat on their partner. They’re always quick to cite a lack of excitement and positive support from their partner as a reason for looking for love elsewhere.

If it’s not because you make boring conversations, it’s because you aren’t attractive to them mentally, and they can’t connect with you, despite the amazing sex, they look elsewhere for these.


To a lot of people, the most important part of being with a partner is sex, so it has to be amazing for it to actually work. It’s a twisted mindset, but one a lot of people seem to have bought into. I don’t see it as good enough an excuse though.


A lot of people grew up lacking in confidence, and somehow believing that that void can be filled by being unfaithful to their partner.

A lot of men were rejected by other women before they finally settled with one, and a lot of women were cheated on/molested by men in the past. Some of these people move on to their future with these negatives, and think the only way to feel in control again is by cheating and being with as many other people they can be with.


This is mostly the reason people cheat. It’s not because they don’t have something great in their relationship. They have the best looking partner, they have the confidence, yet they can’t seem to help the urge to be irresponsible.

Either way, it’s never your fault when your partner decides to cheat on you; it’s just their poor judgment making them do it. You shouldn’t blame yourself for it ever, and you should know that you deserve better.

If they can’t respect you enough to be with you alone, they shouldn’t have you at all.



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