Another whatsapp video clip has surfaced online in which a group of women are seen assaulting a fellow woman whom they accuse of sleeping with husband belonging to one of them.

In the video clip, the assaulted woman can be seen being stripped baring her inner parts outside a brick fenced house.

At some point, one of the women threw a flower pot on her and broke in pieces after it landed on her head.

the victim

According to FaceofMalawi reporter who has seen the video, the women are suspecting that the victim had slept with husband belonging to one of them after they saw her in his car.

In response, the assaulted woman can be heard apologizing to them for allowing to be given a lift by the husband and continuing to say that she had not slept with him nor she had an intention to do so.

This comes a few days after another group of women in Area 25 were taken into custody following a video clip showing them assaulting a fellow woman over gossiping stories.

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