While the next generation of the royal family make headlines on a daily basis (Harry and Meghan forever), every once in a while, a new tidbit of information about the Queen of England is released that is too good not to share.

Queen Elizabeth II
Despite being one of the wealthiest women in the world, Queen Elizabeth II reportedly never carries money when she’s out and about. Presumably, because her face is printed on it.

Although her life is filled with palaces, royal jewels and an enviable flock of corgis, there is one day a week where Her Majesty is a peasant like the rest of us and carries a little cash.

As reported by The Sun, the Queen makes an exception on Sundays, when she carries her own money to church. A biography on the Queen written in 2012 reveals that every Sunday, the head of the Royal Family has her butler iron a £5 note into a small square so she can discreetly add to the donation plate during service. If she’s feeling extra charitable, she has been known to give £10 instead.

This information is just one of many that helps paint a more intimate picture of the Queen. Earlier this year, a former Buckingham Palace chef revealed that the 91-year old maintains her health by following a strict diet of grilled fish and vegetables. However, Her Majesty was also referred to as a “chocoholic” and is known to indulge in dark chocolate and her favourite drink – gin and Dubbonet.

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