By Steven Godfrey Mkweteza

One of the renowned hospitality service providers in the country sunbird Hotels and Resorts recently introduced a new royalty program’ premier club’ that will see a 33 percent discount to all its registered customers for some of its services.

Chief executive officer{CEO} for sunbird Yusuf Olera said in an interview that the program intended to give back its appreciation to its customers for the continued support rendered to the hotel’s products and service packages.

“This is one way of appreciating and giving back to our customers for their continued support given to our various products and services,” said Olera
According to the CEO, the package will among other thing s see the customers on the platinum or gold members enjoying a great value and discounts on rooms, meals, conferencing, GYM membership, spa treatments, free swimming pool access and free access to Malawian airport and selected international VIP lounges.

Olera added that for the customers to enyoy the services, they have to register with the hotel on either gold or platinum membership category.

“When a customer sleeps in any of our hotels and resorts for ten times, we will give him or her an extra two nights for free,” he said.

Sunbird is one of Malawi’s oldest Hotels and has a to all of 8 hotels and Resorts in the country. The Hotel is 76% owned by government

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