A man from Nkhatabay has been arrested while on hospital bed after stealing R435, 000 from his boss in South Africa and fled back to Malawi.

the suspect and his ex boss at the hospital

He has since been identified as Madalitso Mphande from Kakumbi village in Nkhtabay district.

It is reported that his boss followed him to Malawi just after the incident but he was not found. Before going back to South Africa, the boss placed one million kwacha offer to whoever finds him and also reported the matter to police.

Unfortunately, the suspect was recently involved in an accident that happened at Linthipe as he was going to Tanzania with his friend to pick up cars.

Later, he was identified at the hospital as the man who has been on the run for a year.

Following the one million offer, his boss was notified in South Africa and had to travel again to Malawi to deal with him.

Currently, the suspect is in the hands of police while in hospital waiting to get treated and face the law.



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