By Orchestra Kamanga

There are mixed reactions over the party’s grand coalition as others agreeing with it while others not.

Other people thinks that party’s to join together they can form strong opposition and win the elections in 2019.

President of Umodzi party party professor Chisi said in Malawi coalition cannot happen because each party has its own agenda.

He said party leaders are not power hungry but they see things happen differently

“When someone starts his party has his own ideologies and agenda so it is very difficult to have grand coalition.

Umodzi party President said when someone is forming the political party he has hopes to win the elections so why joining parties.

“MCP started without manifesto. If we started coalition who will be the leader because anyone needs the leadership hence forming a party.

Professor Chisi said he cannot be under anyone because he started Umodzi Party to be the leader of the country.

“I started the party so that people should see things differently like educational for all, justice for all and employment for all.

But what is the comment of former Ambassador to France and India Ziliro Chibambo?

It is fact that Malawians are power hungry saying there is no-one can allow to be under ones leadership after forming his political party.

Chibambo who is also a former Minister of Natural Resources, Youth sports and Culture, Health, and Labour said in the country people need positions evidence by the newly registered party LCP based in Lilongwe.

“The topic is too general it is better to be discussed on radios so that can give their views on the agenda,” he said.

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