After Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe  announced the plan of introducing  the new kwacha note, K5000, social media awash with hostile reactions against the Mutharika government’s decision.

Gondwe and Mutharika

According to Gondwe,  the new bank note will make it easier for people to carry and also cost-cutting in ordering them for government.

“Yes, that is very important because we will serve our foreign currency. It costs 8 million dollars for ordering new bank notes,” said Gondwe to Malawi News Agency

Gondwe added that the current situation in the country if continues  government will continue losing  a lot of millions for replacement of the money, hence there is need  for highest note.

“if we continue in the situation we are in without coming up with a higher banknote then we continue losing a lot of millions for replacement of the money. It will be laborious to carry a huge bag with money just to buy one item, but with this new note it becomes so simple.

“By the way, do you know that Malawi is the only country in the SADC region with the least banknote? Tanzania has 10,000 bank note and in Uganda is even higher, these denominations save billions of money for a particular country. In brief the monies that are used to finance the production of new currency are very huge. If we have this K5, 000 bank note it will be very good,” Gondwe added.

The decision comes just after one year when another high note was introduced,k2000.

However, Malawians are not amused with the decision as they do not see the points raised by Finance Minister holding any water.

“May God almighty take his old people peter(APM) and his minister Goodall Gondwe bcoz we r tired of these two old rats!their friends with the same ages had already died,so God what r these two pigs waiting 4,” someone commented on Facebook

The attacks on Mutharika government continues before one comments on how such old  have failed  Malawians.

“Those 2 grandpa’s must go..goodall gondwe and mutharika,they have no leadership skills,besides that they are old to be workin in gvt supposed to be retired long ago.nkhalamba zikakalamba nzeru zimabwerera ku umwana.plz Malawians vote wisely and open the eyes.stop voting for old people who supposed to be retired..its new generation,” comment reads

“No comment… I’m afraid of treason charges.. But this government should be stopped sooner than later.. Negligence will be regrettable… Fight against K5,000 note please!!!,” another added strong comment.

More negative comments continues loading…….. Do you people in the high positions consult before you make a decision? If so why do you why do you come up with rubbish. We have many educated people in Malawi consult them you will lose nothing, if you are a finance minister you remain the same but with dignity




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