Gone are the days when people were 100% true to their partner. These days, loyalty is a rare trait and if you look around a lot of ladies well enough, you’ll notice they almost always have other men in their life. She might not be intimate with any of them, but they all mean something to her.

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Now, we’re going to talk about these men and their purposes in the life of an average woman.


The one’ is the main man in her life. He’s the one her heart beats for, and probably would do anything for. She shops for him, lends him money, and goes out of her way to satisfy his every desire. The sad thing, however is that often times, this man doesn’t feel the same way towards her.


She’s in a relationship with someone she cares about, but she is also aware that anything can go wrong any minute, and she’ll be single again, so she keeps someone by the side to take over just in case.

She will not give him any hint she’s interested yet, but the moment anything happens with her relationship, she’ll allow him shoot his shot.


This guy’s job is basically to support her financially. There may be reward for the guy in form of sex or simply nothing except hangouts and chit-chat.

The good thing about this kind of guy is he rarely doesn’t get the girl eventually, unless the main man is doing well on his part.


Barring a special miracle, this type of guy never exits the friend zone.

As a matter of fact, he may become president of that zone eventually. This guy’s role is just to keep her company and listen to her problems, and perhaps provide advice to her. Women value this type of guy, and always refer to him as ‘the perfect guy’.

Too sad he never gets a shot at proving that.


Women in a school environment have a man who helps them take care of the assignments, and help understanding the most difficult courses.

In a work environment, there’s always a guy who buys them the little things they may need. The work guys is also the cover guy in case she can’t be at work for some reason.

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