The recent video of pastor Mboro in which he is seen healing a man who had an erection problem is still making rounds on social media and receiving mixed reactions.

The clip was shot in a closed room where the controversial pastor can be seen touching the man`s private part as well as his wife`s privates as healing session is in process.

controversial pastor Mboro

It is reported that the man identified as Joseph Chabangu and his wife, Thabisile came to seek miracles from pastor Mboro since he was going through an erection problem.

Mboro told Sowetan Live that he had to intervene in solving the problem such that he went to their house where his miracles finally worked on the sick man.

“I went there and entered their bedroom and asked them to put their hands on their private parts. After that I prayed for them and the husband immediately regained his erection,” he told Sowetan Live.

The interesting part of the video is when pastor Mboro asked the couple to get under their bed sheets and test if the prayers have indeed worked.

Meanwhile, the video has received so much reaction on social media with people from around the world branding this South African man of God different names.

Watch the video below


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