Debate has ensured on the social media over a medical reports describing self-styled supreme leader of People’s Land Organization (PLO) Vincent Wandale as a mentally challenged man, with many saying the report is doctored.

Court two weeks ago ruled that Wandale should undergo a mental examination to determine if he is fit to stand trial in a case in which he is charged with publication of false statements likely to cause fear and alarm to the public.

On Tuesday the National Police Headquarters chief prosecutor Happy Mkandawire presented a mental health report at the Lilongwe at Lilongwe Magistrate Court and the report showed that Wandale is mentally disturbed and needs special treatment at Zomba Mental Hospital.

But the report has attracted criticisms on the social media especially on facebook with many people describing it as a fake report.

Priscilla Ivory wrote: “He is just perfect. The one who claims wandale is mentally challenged is the one who deserves mental hospital admission. Wandale has no competitor. Mwaona kuti wakukanikani… Titenga ma dotolo opanda chinyengo amuyeze.”

On his part Patez M C Nyoni wrote: “They want to send him to mental hospital as way of silencing him coz if he goes to prison he will be like Mandela.”

Concurring with Nyoni’s remarks, Gabriel Ngalande Chunga said the report is a tactic by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to silence Wandale.

“Wamisala saimbidwa mlandu. That’s another trick from the government through our health and judiciary system trying to cover him up hahaha,” wrote Chunga.

BoldwinChindele Mmwale also wrote: “#WamisalaAnaonaNkhondo, Mad but Realistic.Pple in Thyolo & Mulanje have no permanent land living in ForeignOwnedEstates.”

While Destiny AG Chimaliro said: “kkkk he is ok but because he comes from lomwe belt, if this was happening in the north mukanamva shame.”

Meanwhile Wandale’s case is set to resume on Thursday at the Lilongwe Magistrate Court.

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