A 30-year-old South African man who claims his manhood stopped erecting since he broke up with his ex-girlfriend three years ago, is now intending to meet the controversial pastor Mboro who recently healed a man with erection problem.

Tshepo Ramabu parted ways with his then girlfriend in the year 2014 but since then he has been unable to sleep with any other woman just because his manhood fails to get charged up.

Tshepo Ramabu

He has been seeking help from medical doctors as well as witch doctors but they were all unable to heal him.

After the split, Tshepo contacted his ex-girlfriend about the problem and her answer was bizarre.

“She told me she went to a witchdoctor where she made my penis sleep,” Tshepo told Daily Sun.

“She said the curse was punishment for breaking up with her and she might come back to me if her new relationship fails.”

“I have had the prettiest girls in my room with no clothes on, but still my penis just dozes off.”

Tshepo said he had seen videos of pastor Mboro healing people.

“I hope he can heal me too.

“I am too young to go without sex,” he said.

controversial pastor Mboro

Pastor Mboro told Daily Sun Tshepo should visit his church.

“We will pray for him.

“We are not magicians, but through God miracles happen.

“He needs to trust in Him so he can get help,” he said.

A witch doctor known as Makgonatjohle Seaparo said Tshepo’s former girlfriend might have used a lock to curse him.

pastor Mboro healing sex starved couple in bed

Just recently, pastor Mboro healed a man with an erection problem. He took him into a room together with his wife where he placed his hands on both their private parts and instructed them to have sex before him.

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