Cheating is a common thing with relationships. It’s difficult to find people who are willing to respect their promise of faithfulness to each other in the face of temptation and distraction  and it goes both ways.

Men cheat as much as women do. Don’t let no one tell you otherwise.

However, as much as there are a lot of people out there who cheat or have cheated, there also are those who would never cave in to temptation no matter what. It’s rare to find this type of people, but not impossible. They’re out there, and real.

Here are the 2 types of people who would never renege on their promise of faithfulness no matter what.


Maturity comes with a lot of understanding. A mature person in a relationship knows that they made a promise to be faithful, and they have to keep it.

It’s not like they’re not vulnerable to temptation like everybody else, they are, but they also know that they have to fight it off, and avoid situations that expose them to such, which includes changing their circle of friends and avoiding certain places.

The mature mind is guarded by principles. They may not be religious, but they do mean a lot to them, and they always respect them.


Research has shown that 70% of the time, people cheat because they’re not happy and need to find it elsewhere.

A person who’s happy in a relationship would hardly cheat because they’re at a very good place in their life, and wouldn’t want to ruin that.

So those are the type of people I think are unlikely to cheat in a relationship.

As you make your next choice, be sure to choose from amongst them, and you’re guaranteed complete honesty and faithfulness.





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