Every guy has the ability to attract and keep a woman, but some have more, especially those in these categories. 


The world has always been run by money. It’s hard to have money and not be relevant in this planet.

People who have money have the wherewithal to do anything, and command a lot of respect.

Money can buy anything, and sometimes love falls in that mix. There aren’t a lot of women who wouldn’t want to enjoy some comfort, hence the easier it is for this guy to get some.


In certain parts of the globe, like Africa for example, where you reside can decide how you’re perceived, and how much respect you’re accorded.

Men who stay abroad are considered richer and more exposed than those who are around, so a lot of women want to be associated with people like that.

The only problem is some of them don’t have it as good as people assume they do


The average woman wants a man who is tall, rich and handsome.

If you don’t tick all boxes, but manage to tick two or one, you can get lucky. Women like good looking men because of the attention they get from others. If you’re tall, it could get even better for you.


Lying means faking it so people believe it. GUYS who know how to lie can get almost anything they want, including the finest women.

I saw a movie the other day about some guy who got a very rich, attractive woman to part with some of her money without hesitation.

How did he do it? He pretended to be equally rich. So liars can get the girls too, although it’s mostly momentary, since they can only keep up the lies for so long.

It’s not really that women love liars, but they end up falling for their deceits.


Growing up, during my university days, the other class of men who could easily get the girls were the smart, intelligent guys.

They didn’t have money, but they have the knowledge a lot of women think they can tap into for their own benefit. It worked for them.

Also smartness means you’re a problem solver. Who doesn’t want one such person around them?


People say the era where women dated potential is over, and I agree, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few exceptions.

There are women out there who wouldn’t mind being with a man today if they think he has potential to be very successful tomorrow.

Some me women just have a flair for these things, and can easily tell if you’re destined for greatness or not just by spending some time with you.


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