Judging from self denial is very hard to tell whether  the self proclaimed ‘supreme leader’ of  United States of Mulanje and Thyolo (Must), Vincent Wandale is indeed mentally ill or not. But sending him to the hospital   not of his choice is what he concludes it as a plot to be killed.

After the medical report by  psychiatrist at Kamuzu Central hospital,  Senior Resident Magistrate, Paul Chiotcha has made the ruling at the Magistrates Court in Lilongwe  that the t Wandale should be sent to Mental Hospital for treatment to be fit for trial.

“It is for this and other reasons that the court has decided to order that Wandale be taken to mental hospital for treatment until the court finds him fir for trial,” said Chiotcha.

However, Wandale has described the move to mental hospital as an execution since it has been considered without his consent. Then he disclosed his mental illness as family matter to decide where to receive treatment.

“There is a plot to kill me at Zomba Mental Hospial. If the doctors’ report indicated that I am mentally ill, then that is my family issue to decide what medical attention I should get. I would prefer to be sent to a private clinic in South Africa which is the home country of my mother,” Wandale said.

Wandale’s relatives including her mother, Tumbizodwa Wandale, are not believing the reports of mental illness of him.

“My son is okay and he has never had mental problems, if he was a mad person he would not have been taking care of me,”  Wandale’s mother quoted saying after medical report released.

Wandale was arrested last month and charged with publication of false statements likely to cause fear and alarm to the public, after he declared new government of  Thyolo and Mulanje.

Meanwhile, the court has ordered that the mental hospital should be furnishing it with monthly reports on Wandale’s mental state in pending to be fit for trial.




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