The list of things women find attractive in a man includes, a decent looking face, great looking abs and biceps, a good height, etc. Well, these things do count, but they don’t always do.

Apart from the aforementioned, women do find other unlisted features good enough to make a man ‘dateable’.

Some of these things may seem out of the ordinary, but we’re going to quickly explore them anyway…


Well, it’s not news that most younger women prefer older men to younger ones.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that there are a lot of them who find gray hair attractive. The attraction may not extend to a complete gray hair though, just some speckle, and you’ll have them drooling.


This is that thin line of hair that teases from your stomach and disappears into your pants?

It’s still unclear why women like the feature in a man, but it certainly makes some women breathless and excited.


Scars are a sign of masculinity and some stubbornness. It’s no wonder a lot of women are attracted to men with one or two scars.

‘Scars’ in this context implies those healed wounds that left a mark on the body.


In a world of constant romanticizing of 6 feet plus, there are women who are actually drawn to something radically different.

In a new opinion poll, women say they have a thing for short dudes.


There’s a big section of women who don’t like men who talk too much.

However, there are also women out there who cannot stand their man talking less than they do. So it’s different strokes for different folks, but this is actually real.

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