Police at Nkhunga in Nkhotakota have arrested a couple following the ‘mysterious’ disappearance of their two weeks old baby boy.

Issa Byson 35 from Misoya vge TA Liwonde in Machinga married a 32yr old Adjah Phiri from Kanyenda vge TA Kanyenda in Nkhotakota district as a first wife but due to some disagreements, the couple got separated three years ago only to re-unite earlier this year.

On November 4, 2017 the couple was blessed with a baby boy (their second child) only to go missing under ‘mysterious’ circumstances on the night of November 18, 2017.

When Adjah’s relatives went to Issa’s second wife to inform him about the predicament, the second wife responded by saying that her husband had gone to work (as earlier advised by him)

The relatives got suspicious and demanded to search into the house and they found the husband hiding in a sack under his bed.

They took him to police and days later Adjah was also taken in for questioning.

The baby is yet to be located and police is hereby appealing to members of the general public who might have information that will lead to the location of the said baby to come forth with such kind of information as soon as possible.

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