A Zimbabwean elderly woman in Harare is reportedly on demand for her business of selling sex enhancing herbs.

According to H-Metro, the woman called Gogo Mukwapura has made name for herself around Coppacabana area where she runs her business.

“I have many herbs that I sell to both men and women. These herbs help both women and men to perform well in bed. I have herbs that help to enlarge men’s manhood sizes. I also sell herbs that enlarge women’s labina minor, she told H-Metro.

Gogo Mukwapura serving her male customers

Gogo Mukwapura can also strengthen people`s relationships as she sells herbs that makes partners in a relationship to refrain from cheating.

“I also have herbs that warm the women’s body so that her husband will have the most sexual pleasure so that he will never go and cheat,” said Gogo Mukwapura.

As if that is not enough, she also has herbs that help cleanse bad luck.

“The herbs that I sell start from $0, 50, $1, depending with the problem at hand. I even have herb that solve problems that occur in relationship, for example in a relationship if people break up, these herbs help them to get back together.

“I even help women with herbs that cleanse their wombs and also those who have problems of conceiving and miscarriages,” said Gogo Mukwapura.


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