Thugs believed to be bodyguards for Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) President Enock Chihana on Monday roughed up the Party Secretary General Christopher Litchi and Regional Chairperson for the centre Nicholas Kamoto during an emergency meeting.

AFORD held a meeting at Byte Lodge in Area 47, Lilongwe with an aim of ironing out differences among some top officials but the meeting ended prematurely due to the fracas.

According to Litchi, as the meeting was in progress some of the Party officials asked for him, Kamoto and other members to leave the place, saying they were not welcomed.

“As we were seated, Kamoto was asked to go out. While there unknown thugs descended on him and beat him up badly.

“I rushed out to see what exactly was happening I was also welcomed by the said thugs who hit me in the face,” said Litch.

Member of Parliament for Karonga Central Frank Mwenifumbo who is also vying for Presidency in the Party confirmed of the development in an interview with the press.

Mwenifumbo said the issue is now in the hands of the police.

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