By Robert Kumwenda

Malawians have been told to learn from what has happened in Zimbabwe that despite having political differences we can conduct ourselves peacefully.

Director of Elections and Media Services for Umodzi Party Innocent Mphaya said this in exclusive with face of Malawi.

He said this has been the case because people in Zimbabwe are educated than us.

“From now onwards government must make sure to educate its nationals for the benefit of future generations .Because people in Zimbabwe have expressed themselves in a manner that we can change things without shading blood or destroying things,” he said.

The former United Democratic Front (UDF) legislator for Machinga south said that politics is very dynamic and he believe that Professor John Chisi has a very good vision of developing this country.

He said Umodzi Party is promoting national unity regardless of regional lines.

“We are capable of developing this nation as a party without looking at tribe or ethnicity. So for over thirty five people have shown interest to stand as Members of Parliament under Umodzi Party in the 2019 elections but since we are in a democracy they have to go through primary elections.” he said.

Mphaya added that sometimes Malawians have a problem because they look at existing parties saying that it is high time we have to look for other alternatives that require a lot of work.

He said time has come in order for us to reflect where we were, we are and where we should go we should trust Umodzi Party under the leadership of Professor John Chisi for the country to develop.

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