Veteran musician Lucius Banda who is also Member of Parliament for Balaka north has attributed the recent challenges being experienced in the country to selfishness among Malawians.

Writing on his official facebook page Banda said the recent persistent power outages could have been a song of the past had it been that all Malawians were united able to speak with one voice.

“When there is a national problem elsewhere, all people feel affected and they join hands to speak with one voice and take the leadership to task.

“While here in Malawi the rich and the middle-class remove themselves from the vast majority, they find a solution suiting just their households and leave out the poor and the voiceless to struggle alone,” wrote Banda while referring to what happened in Zimbabwe where the Army took over power from former President Robert Mugabe.

Added: “This is why we have these blackouts affecting us but all we do is sit and cry, simply because others have gensets or solar panels which most of our people cannot afford. It must be easy to rule Malawi. The people are so selfishly divided to a point there will be a few Bufoons who will even dispute this post despite knowing the painful situation we are in. Please JAH save us.”

Blackouts in Malawi have reached an annoying state and it’s a miracle to have power for four hours and small scale businesses have collapsed.

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