Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga has maintained that his coalition will abide by the constitution’, as they stage their quest to show their disapproval for Jubilee government. This comes after Odinga declared that he will be sworn in come December 12 while he was addressing his supporters along Manyanja Road in Eastlands in Nairobi. Odinga and the whole Nasa fraternity have maintained that they do not recognize President Uhuru Kenyatta as the duly elected president, adding that Mr Kenyatta ‘won’ in a compromised election and therefore he lacks legitimacy.
Raila Odinga
But while speaking to CNN, Odinga emphasized that his coalition is keen on maintaining fidelity to the constitution and rule of law, even after declaring a date to be sworn in- a situation that may be interpreted as unconstitutional. “This matter is cast within our coalition, and among our experts, our strategy team so I want to leave it to them to come up with clear roadmap…What I can assure everyone is that whatever we do is going to be lawful, it is going to be within our constitution.” Odinga said in an interview with CNN.
The move may leave his supporters guessing at his next steps, after they called on him to take an oath of office. Former Prime Minister also told BBC recently on an interview conducted on November 27, the day Mr Kenyatta was inaugurated that he is ready for dialogue. Odinga accused Jubilee of being obsessed with ‘their coronation’ more than the welfare of the country.
Recently after Kenyatta sworn in Odinga also spoke, riot police teargassed his convoy and charged the crowd.

“On December 12, we will have an assembly that will swear me in,” Odinga told supporters gathered along a road in the Nairobi suburb of Eastlands after police sealed off the location where he had planned to hold a rally earlier in the day.

Kenyatta won a repeat presidential election in October that Odinga boycotted.

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