Debate has ensued on the social media especially facebook over the Country’s Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima’s move to read a letter by the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) urging Catholics across the country to support Public Affairs Committee (PAC) demonstrations on electoral reforms scheduled for December 13.

Chilima on Sunday attended a church service at St Patrick’s Parish in Area 18 in Lilongwe where he was assigned two tasks and one of it being to read church announcements and one of the announcements was the letter offered by ECM.

Before reading the announcements, he emphasized that he was only reading what was given to him to announce in the church.

Chilima’s move to read the letter has attracted debate on the social media with others calling for President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika to fire him immediately while others have backed the Vice President.

Danny Mhone wrote: “Only if I was Munthalika I cld hv fired him same moment AND immediately start an impeachment bill against him kuti asapezeso vp benefits.

“The dude ain’t a politician and was not supposed to occupy that strong position… palibe any known programme wapanga for youth kwake ndikuhonga amatchalichi basiii then shownoff new trend in wear.”

“He is not even an inspire to society.”

Contrary to Mhone’s remarks Kirby W. Johnson wrote: “Chilima is not DPP Vice President but he is a State Vice President besides it was out of Business. Anali ku Church as any other person so you can’t blame him. Wapanga zoti any other Church member akanapanga if asked to. There’s nothing wrong, differentiate between Personal and Political issues.”

Concurring with Johnson’s remarks Jacinta Chinkombero wrote: “He was reading as a Catholic faithful and not as s Veep. Should he stop praying because he is Veep?

When contacted for comment Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi refused to comment on the matter.

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