Many people were left in a state of shock after the Police Service of Northern Ireland tweeted that kissing without consent is a rape.

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The Police Service of Northern Ireland was ridiculed on Twitter after it tweeted that giving someone a kiss without consent is r*pe. The incident happened on the 2nd of December.

The tweet read: ‘If you bump into that special someone under the mistletoe tonight, remember that without consent it is rape #SeasonsGreetings.’

However Twitter users didn’t waste time to challenge the statement causing an outrage.

The Police Force according to Dailymail pulled down the tweet after being contacted over the message and wrote a modified version saying: “We posted a message on Twitter yesterday that some may have taken out of context but the message remains the same; when you are out socialising over the Christmas period, please remember without consent it is rape.”

Reacting to the tweet, @Renown_Vet commented: ‘Since when did a kiss under the mistletoe turn into rape? Get a grip, and start being thief takes again not half arsed SJWs [social justice warriors].’

@69mib wrote: ‘Bumping into someone, under the mistletoe, is now considered rape? Why do you trivialise such a serious issue with such a nonsense tweet?’

Mike love tweeted PSNI: ‘This tweet tells people that a kiss is rape. Do you realise what you’ve said?’

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