A 39-year-old man is lucky to be alive after he was attacked by his girlfriend`s ex-lover with an iron bar on the head.

The man identified as Themabani Sibanda was attacked by his girlfriend`s ex-lover known as Kholwani Nkomo both from Nkayi town in Zimbabwe.

Nkomo hit Sibanda with an iron bar on the head resulting in him passing out.

“Nkomo and Sibanda were drinking together at the business centre when the woman, Nobuhle Tshuma arrived.

“Tshuma only greeted Sibanda and it never went down well with Nkomo who said they were still in love.

“A misunderstanding then erupted between the two men as they both claimed to be in love with Tshuma,’ source told B Metro online news.

Nkomo lost his temper and picked up an iron bar which he used to attack Sibanda on the head and arm numerous times.

He left him for dead and disappeared into thin air.

“Sibanda was rushed to Hospital where it is reportedly said he is recovering. Nkomo was arrested and is set to appear in court soon,’ as reported by B Metro Online News.

The woman, Tshuma revealed that Nkomo was her ex-lover.

“I was in love with Nkomo, but we broke up. He is always pestering me trying to lure me back. I have stood my ground that I will not give in because he is abusive. I have now moved on with my life and in a relationship with Sibanda who is promising to marry me,’ said Tshuma.




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