By Robert Kumwenda

President of Umodzi Party Professor John Chisi has bashed the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) on the public demonstrations slated for 13 of December, 2017, saying the demonstrations have no meaning to Malawians.

He said Malawians must be clever because the said demonstrations might bring anarchy to the country.

“In his state of national address when the president was opening 47th session of parliament he did not mention anything about the so called electoral reforms which means that there were not on the agenda of parliament meeting,” he said.

He said the 50+1 percent which is being championed by PAC has already destroyed other countries like Liberia, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

The umodzi Party leader said democracy has got its own principles and rules saying that pushing the president to do what he does not want to do is like creating dictatorship on the other side.

He said PAC is fighting a system which is not part of their kingdom adding that Malawians ought to be clever.

“Their duty to present people through souls and the reward of soul is in heaven and the body is here on earth,” he said.

He said what PAC is doing shows that they are not ready to help this country adding that in terms of process we are not there yet.

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