By Robert Kumwenda and Orchestra Kamanga

Traditional Authority (TA) Chekucheku of Neno has asked people in the country not to blame government on the blackouts the country is facing saying this problem is a result of massive cutting down of trees carelessly along the Shire river banks.

This development comes after the Chief visited Nkula and Tedzani falls on November 22 this year using own personal car to see for himself the problem of frequent blackouts.

“The machine at Nkula falls was planted between 1966 to 1973 while Tedzani falls was planted between 1966 and 1974 under Kamuzu administration l also worked there as contractor. The time I visited these areas l found that there is full mad due carelessly cutting down of trees,” he said, adding that he did this a patriotic citizen of Malawi.

Chekucheku also said currently Motal engil company is working at Nkula Power Station intake removing mad on Shire river which came because of cutting down of trees along the Shire River banks which controls mad entering into the river.

I want to request Speaker of the Parliament Richard Nsowoya to hire two buses to carry NGO’s and all Members of Parliament to visit Nkula and Tedzani falls to see for themselves and find a solution to the blackouts problem because they are the ones who represent people,” he said.

He also said the Speaker should hire airplane to carry six people to inspect Shire River from Liwonde Barrage to Kapichira falls to see how people have massively cut down trees.

Shire River Basin was given $150 million to conserve Shire River but nothing happened,” adding that water levels are not enough in Shire River to pump the machine (turbines) which generate power.

Chekucheku therefore urges MPS to discuss important issues in parliament like how to generate forex rather discussing blackouts and not accusing DPP led government of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.

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